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FireWire HD


- geek -
Out of geekdom and the fact that my mini only has a 4200rpm HD I picked myself up a LaCie d2 Extreme. Anyhoo I was just wondering if any here has done a drive clone using Carbon Copy? If so did you have to shutdown everything while it does it's thing (for ever :(), or were you able to surf and such and have Carbon Copy just copy stuff while you did?


- geek -
Being both bored and sometimes just crazy I went for it. I'm on my firewire copy right now and all is well. :) Only thing that I have found that was an issue was my bookmarks as I saved all open tabs right before shutdown. That was just a quick copy from internal to firewire and all seems good *crosses fingers*.

I did make sure to change the name of my internal drive and then change the name of my firewire drive to the old internal drives name. Then I set the firewire drive as the boot drive and hit restart. Seemed to boot maybe a tad bit faster but launching apps does seem a bit faster for sure. Seeming as how I still have a backup (internal drive), I feel fairly safe "messing around". :)

Good post El Pescador although I think Mac OS is a different monster from Windows. Also from my XP days I wouldn't touch Ghost again period.

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