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Firefox hates the NFL!!


Stranger Than Fiction
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Or so I'm guessing. I'm trying to get an update on how my Bears are faring in their first preseason game. I go to the live play by play area:


I get a few plays to show up and suddenly firefox shuts down. No error messages, nothing in the windows event viewer. I thougth it was a random occurance but I reload firefox (session saver extention rules btw) and it will close again in a matter of seconds. I opened that very same page in IE and it seems to work fine. Also IE updates quicker, it showed the Bears touchdown, kickoff and the Niners taking knee to end the half long before firefox even showed the TD. Whats up with this?


Beware the G-Man
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Well it worked for me and I am using Firefox Was checkin out part of the game then went to see it on TV. Could have been a glitch in the way it loaded the page. Did the Feedback window pop up saying that Firefox encountered an error blah blah blah? Also could be an extension that you are using, maybe? Hard to say since I had no similar problem. Sorry.

Oh BTW, Niners! FTW ;)
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