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Not Bman

Alright, I have had this extension installed for awhile, along with lots.

No problems, not for awhile.

All of a sudden, and I mean that, it wasen't the 2.0.0 whatever it is, its been fine since those, it just was all of a sudden.

I get this error (check picture).

I leave my firefox run, always, always within 5 mins or so, maybe more, maybe less I get that error. Nothing has changed, I don't think so.

Whats the deal? (edit, if i restart firefox, its fine, but only for abit)
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Not Bman

Alright, now for some reason it seems to be fine. I didn't do anything since posting this.

I forgot to add that lately, Firefox crashes by itself, like today, I was trying to go to a page on Apples site, for the keynote, and it asked me to update to Quicktime 7.2 (i have the Quicktime Alternative) and it froze, I tried it a couple times.

The only thing that I know that has not been working with Firefox is Java, since Is this all because of java somehow, if so, when are they going to fix Java for 2.0, cause I tried updating it but no luck.


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