Firefox freezing up


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4 May 2008
Hey. Recently, my Mozilla Firefox has been freezing up a lot. It can freeze from anywhere between 10 seconds to a minute and then continues normally. This problem has been occurring quite frequently and I am starting to get annoyed. I would appreciate if anyone could help me solve my problem or give suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Try seeing if it happens in Firefox's Safe Mode. If it doesn't, then it's one of your extensions.

After that, it's a matter of finding out what exactly is causing it.
I just had the same issue and it was driving me nuts. I found out it was AVG and some link checker in my extensions.
mine has been doing the same, just disabled AVG link checker thing, it must have been installed with version 8. hope it works.
Thanks for the input. I just disabled the AVG search shield and everything seems to be fine. Thanks again as I was getting very annoyed and my tolerance can only go so far.

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