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Firefox can do something IE can, but on no one elses


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Heh, sorry for the vague subject... don't know how much better I could put it. Today I've been working on my website, http://www.tacomafire.org, specifically the audio gallery. I got an idea from a friend of mine about playing some of the sounds. He uses this code:

    STANDBY="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..."
    TYPE="application/x-oleobject" width="66" height="52">
    <PARAM NAME="fileName" VALUE="audio/9-2.wav">
    <PARAM NAME="animationatStart" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="transparentatStart" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="autoStart" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="showControls" VALUE="-1">
    <param name="AudioStream" value="-1">
    <param name="AutoSize" value="0">
    <param name="AllowScan" value="-1">
    <param name="AllowChangeDisplaySize" value="-1">
    <param name="AutoRewind" value="0">
    <param name="Balance" value="0">
    <param name="BaseURL" value>
    <param name="BufferingTime" value="5">
    <param name="CaptioningID" value>
    <param name="ClickToPlay" value="-1">
    <param name="CursorType" value="0">
    <param name="CurrentPosition" value="-1">
    <param name="CurrentMarker" value="0">
    <param name="DefaultFrame" value>
    <param name="DisplayBackColor" value="0">
    <param name="DisplayForeColor" value="16777215">
    <param name="DisplayMode" value="0">
    <param name="DisplaySize" value="4">
    <param name="Enabled" value="-1">
    <param name="EnableContextMenu" value="-1">
    <param name="EnablePositionControls" value="-1">
    <param name="EnableFullScreenControls" value="0">
    <param name="EnableTracker" value="-1">
    <param name="InvokeURLs" value="-1">
    <param name="Language" value="-1">
    <param name="Mute" value="0">
    <param name="PlayCount" value="1">
    <param name="PreviewMode" value="0">
    <param name="Rate" value="1">
    <param name="SAMILang" value>
    <param name="SAMIStyle" value>
    <param name="SAMIFileName" value>
    <param name="SelectionStart" value="-1">
    <param name="SelectionEnd" value="-1">
    <param name="SendOpenStateChangeEvents" value="-1">
    <param name="SendWarningEvents" value="-1">
    <param name="SendErrorEvents" value="-1">
    <param name="SendKeyboardEvents" value="0">
    <param name="SendMouseClickEvents" value="0">
    <param name="SendMouseMoveEvents" value="0">
    <param name="SendPlayStateChangeEvents" value="-1">
    <param name="ShowCaptioning" value="0">
    <param name="ShowAudioControls" value="-1">
    <param name="ShowDisplay" value="0">
    <param name="ShowGotoBar" value="0">
    <param name="ShowPositionControls" value="-1">
    <param name="ShowStatusBar" value="0">
    <param name="ShowTracker" value="-1">
    <param name="VideoBorderWidth" value="0">
    <param name="VideoBorderColor" value="0">
    <param name="VideoBorder3D" value="0">
    <param name="Volume" value="-600">
    <param name="WindowlessVideo" value="0">
He uses this code to be able to create a small box, that plays the audio from right in the browser. I was working on the website and checking it using Firefox, which had no problems showing that up. Later in the day I went to the firehouse and used that computer, which it didn't work!

What do I have in my firefox on my laptop that I don't have anywhere else? I don't recall installing anything particular that would enable me to use that box.

Also, for you programmers, do you recommend any other possible better alternatives for playing the audio in the browser, something that works on both platforms?


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Flash players are big now since they don't require a specific player such as WMP, RealPlayer or QuickTime. You can do a search for flash media player and find all kinds of options.
I'd recommend having a way for users to mute or pause the sound from your website. They may well be listening to something else ;)


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My Golly Gosh.
Everyone here is on the same "Brainwave" as everyone on my site :p.
We just added a radio feature too...
Granted it's music, but still.
I have a friend who loves FireTrucks and Sorts, ill pass the link to your site along.


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Attempted to test this out and set it up, but it's not working for me. :( I'm using the test to try and play audio/9-2.mp3, but nothing is loading.

It looks like you replaced the "Movie:" directive in the javascript. That isn't the location of playable media. That Movie directive points to the Flash file, the actual mp3 player.

The code below is similar to what I use on my site.
<script type="text/javascript">
 var FO = {movie:"mp3player.swf",width:"200",height:"200",majorversion:"7",build:"0",bgcolor:"#FFFFFF",
 UFO.create(FO, "player1");
Right beside the "flashvars:" directive you will see part of that string that says "file=something"

you need to add the location of the music file there, or the location of an xml document that contains the location of multiple music files.

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