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Firefox buttons not working consistently?


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I've never had this happen before, but just recently, I'm noticing that certain buttons in my firefox don't work unless I click them rapidly at least ten times. This includes anything on my tab bar other than the actual tabs, like the New Tab button, the Flashblock button, the Close Other Tabs button, the Greasemonkey button, and the Refresh button. It also happens with the address bar and the downloads dialog buttons (open, save as).

I'll click on them and they won't work, and I'll need to rapidly spam the mouse button ten to fifteen times before they'll actually work. I considered this might be an issue with my mouse hardware, but the mouse works fine on all other things I use it for. It's only on these firefox buttons that it doesn't work on consistently.

Any ideas?


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Is this just firefox? If so disable all extensions and see what it does. If it doesn't do it. Enable one extension at time till you find the one doing it and uninstall it or update it. If it still does it, uninstall firefox. Clean out any traces it leaves behind, and do a new install of the newest version. What happens at times is that it updates and breaks because some of the features of the older one was re-written, or the extensions and plugins aren't updated to work properly with it. This is also a reason I say to turn off the autoupdate on it, and install the news like I mentioned above. The best way to keep from doing it every day is just to update the next version and not the betas ..

How often do you clean the history and cache out as well?


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I started it in safe mode and it was working properly, then i restarted it in normal mode to start selectively disabling addons but for some reason it's working fine now and I don't know why. if it happens again I'll look further into the addons. I did disable updates like you advised. I usually have updates disabled but for some reason they were on in this installation

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