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Firefox 0.9 Finishing Extension Installation error! MAD!

Yes, I have finally gone mad. After trying this way and that installing java into the Firefox, I had unwisely pressed cancel/stop in the middle of a (supposedly right way to install) installation of java. Now, everytime i start Firefox, there is the "Finishing Extension Installation" message coming up. After hours of tweaking my reformatted computer to perfection (the way I want it to be), and making it look nice as well with the UXtheme, I've completely gone despondent and MAD :mad: with this stupid error.

I've uninstalled the firefox and java, deleted every possible registry key I can relate to to Mozilla or java, and even got to the point of resorting to the system restore point before I installed the java applet. The java is still there. That halfway installed extension is still there.

Yes, this is a rant, a complaint, and expression of total frustration. But ultimately, this rant begs for advice on how to fix this problem. If anyone out there knows how to fix this, help me.

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