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Finally went pro...so what?

Perris Calderon

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ok, I've had this xp pro cd sitting around doing absolutely nothing

I got this a while back for fifty bucks from microsft during a promotion.

got a bobble head

got some gum

got a really big box.

ok, the big box comes in handy, so that's cool

the bobble head I put away in case it's worth something when I reach 72 years old...so that's worthless till I turn 72

the gum was the worst gum I have ever chewed...had to finnish it too, cause it was there and I started, but it was pretty bad

so the cd's been sitting around because I've been meaning to upgrade my laptop, and I was pretty darned happy with xp home.

plus all of the work I do on my custoomers computors with pro led me to believe I had nothing much lost in home

so now I decided not to upgrade my old laptop till the hammer comes mobile

meaning of course that my xp pro cd would sit around doing nothing for at least 6 months, right?

so, I figured, ok, time to let this wild baby loose.

took no time at all.

had to do my services all over again

had to uninstall messenger all over again

had to load sp 1 all over again

all the other critical fixes all over again

of course had to turn of ms phone home all over again


no, no big deal

do not switch to pro unless there is something specific you cannot live without, as far as security, domains, or whatever else you might absolutley need.

othewise, skip it

or, of you could get them to throw in a pretty big box to go with it, that might come in handy

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