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Filtered Sub-network

Hey guys,

Right now I have two wireless home networks - one that is password protected and another that is open to everyone in the area. How could I setup the open network to filter a list of urls, and maybe even set a bandwidth limit?

I have a few Pentium pcs lying around that aren't doing anything if this could be used, along with a couple of pci- network cards...

Any ideas would be much appreciated...


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what he said.. cheap and effective.. especially if have some older machines laying around.. may want to try to scavange a second network card too for the linux box..
ok... I'm downloading NetBSD right now, and the latest version of Squid.

Just for my knowledge - is there also a hardware solution, such as a special gateway/router that would have these options? I'm sure if there was, it would probably be pretty expensive.



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I know that it's pretty old threat, but for windows users who will read it for similar problem: You can to use also Windows box for bandwidth shaping of web access by URL. There are existing only several shapers which can provide this, IMHO the best is Bandwidth Management and Firewall at http://www.softinengines.com


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