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Files etc. transfer wizard


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever successfully used this?

Having just built my AMD64 rig and having a Maxtor external USB/Firewire drive (plus network router) I thought this would be a handy option - but I have yet to make it work for me. Typically it says it has made the file from the old machine - then I go to the new and browse to it on the external device and it tells me it is not a valid transfer directory/file. I think something is going wrong with the writing part because it was popping up yellow triangles saying Windows had a pending write it could not finish.... Yet I had used the "safely dismount" feature for the drive and anyway the Wizard said it had finished :confused:

Maybe I need to try a network option? Just thought I would ask around here first... If I ever resolve it I will post back too....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
cross reference

Since I made this thread this has come up! So I am a bit distracted until I have all of both my hard drives there!

Anyway, I think I see where you are going, and no I do not want to close the existing 40GB system partition I haveon my old machine - I was just going to see what got taken across with the Wizard (as it happens, like most people I do not mind too much retweaking my new rig and running from a clean format/install).

If you look at that thread you will see this is on hold - I am going to have to reformat it looks like anyway to reclaim my full drive space! :eek:

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