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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bmorrissey51, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. bmorrissey51

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    I have found a file that has just appeared out of nowhere in MY DOCUMENTS, it is called New Project.erp

    Can I file with the .erp ending be erased with no problem resulting from its expulsion from my system? And also, why do these file types appear?
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    Looks like something that some software has created. Have you been playing around trying to make something? Should be OK to get rid of. It will mean that when you open whatever program made it you will have to start from fresh.
  3. bmorrissey51

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    I think it might be from Microsoft Office...I have been using Excel a lot lately, but I am not sure...I just dont want to erase it and then find out that I have screwed something up.
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    File Type
    one of the attributes of a PC file, it takes the form of a suffix (eg .erp, .exe) to the filename. The recommended file type for Form Files is .erp.

    no worries it's normal

  5. bmorrissey51

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    Maybe its normal but I dont like it being there