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File Sharing uses too much CPU

Hi guys, .... i am having a problem wiith file sharing on my home network.....i have hooked up my pc and my bros pc thru a switch, we have our own ip, yada yada yada, .... now, everytime my bro comes into my pc and access' the shared folders that i set, it uses way too much CPU utilization on mine, down to the point where my computer is about to freeze up (almost), his pc is fine, the network utilization moves from 50-90%, but the thing is when i send him stuff thru MSN Messenger or ICQ everything seems to work fine, my computer doesnt slow down and everything gets transfered fine and just as fast, .... does anyone have any suggestions, ... i am running NIS2003 on both pcs and Windows XP SP1 on both also, hope someone can help, thx in advance, ...



It's simple really when he's in your system he'll be using your resources at the same time your using them. It's always faster to send a file then to get one. Some things that may help speed you up are your swap file on a diffrent drive then your System Drive. You also may be running a FireWall program some of these have packet sniffers which utilize the CPU to check for possible invasions, trojans, etc. Then your Virus scanner is scanning everything comming and going. And if your PC's running a proxy then that would significantly increase overall CPU utilization. So, there you have it.
I reccomend if your bro want's something to send it to him, and vice versa. -Granted I don't have this problem. Not sure what programs your running so these are only suppositions. When I had my 1.4 Ghz 512mb 2400 DDR I didn't have this problem either so I'm taking an educated guess. You could also try a internet optimization program on both computers.
thx for the reply...

hmmm i will take that into consideration.... i dont have much running besides norton, mirc, active desktop calendar pci alert 3 and sound stuff..... i guess i will have to send him stuff and he sned me stuff like you said, .... works best, but anyone els have any other suggestions


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