File sharing problem with 2 xp pro computers




I have a desktop and labtop both running xp pro networked using a hub and stardard
cat 5.

Anyway my problem is that both computers see each other and the desktop can get any
file from the labtop however, the labtop cannot seem to get newly shared files from
the desktop, older files it sees and uses just fine. In the network neighborhood
window for the desktop it shows the newly shared files but when I try to access one
I get a "File not found error".

I've tried reinstalling the networking components and changing machine names and
disabling norton personal firewall on both machines.

Any ideas short of re-installing xp pro on the desktop and starting over from scratch?

Thanks in advance.



Network items installed:

Yep sorry about that I should have put it in the first post:

Both machines have the following services/protocols installed:

client for MS networks
service advertising protocol
file and printer sharing for MS networks
QOS packet scheduler
NWlink netbios
NWlink IPX/SPX/Netbios compatible transport protocol




xp m0nk3y
ok, first off. you don't need that QOS packet schduler. unless you use it i suggest you uninstall it. will save you a couple of megs ram. now, make sure both computers are usesing the same frame type for ipx. i suggest 802.3 since it has built in error checking. try unshareing all your shares, reboot and reshare them. also make sure that the usernames you are using exist on BOTH machines. if your on your desktop, using the username bob, and trying to connect to a share on your laptop. the bob account has to exist on the the laptop as well. and needs to have at least read permissions to the shared folder. also, try connecting via the run command.....start -> run -> type "//computername/sharename". or try mapping drives to the shared folders on either computers.

hope this helps

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