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According to the main site you can toggle off the simple file sharing thing in the folder options - but it doesn't appear in my version of XP home - have MS got wise to it and removed it in newer versions? ANd is there a registry setting that will do the same thing?

Thanks in advance for any help....
Home doesn't have this, Pro has extra security and networking features.
You can share things put puting them in the shared documents folder
Tragic to reply to your own thread I know but I have discovered it can indeed be done. To copy and paste off the advice I found:

Since numerous people have bemoaned the fact that XP home won't let you turn off so-called 'simple file sharing' in order to display the ntfs security tab under file properties, I have undertaken the arduous task of coming up with a workaround to this 'feature'. So:

1 - Download the nt4 security configuration manager from:
2 - run the exe to extract the files to a temp folder of your choosing
3 - right click setup.inf and select "install". Answer 'no' if asked to overwrite esent.dll
4 - there is no 4. The security tab should now be available

Seems to work fine too!

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