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When installing XP Home at work I noticed that the File Protection will not allow removing of screensavers. Still dunno why that is. From posts I have got regarding this, it seems that's just the way it is and no one has figured out how to remove a screensaver form XP once it's installed.

Well I did read a thread on tweakxp about a file call "filelist.xml" in the "Windows\System32\Restore" folder.

Supposedly in this file are all the extensions that File Protection protects.

I had asked the question there if Notepad could open this file to be able to edit out the .scr files from File Protection. I never got a response.

Does anyone here know this and if it can be done?
Instead of disabling file protection, find the files in the system32\dllcache and delete those first. Then boot up from a dos prompt and delete them in the system32 folder. I don't know how XP will reacte so i suggest copying them to a safe place in case you have to put them back to allow XP to run.
I wasn't talking about disabling File Protection. As far as I know that can't reliably be done.

I was talking about changing what files that File Protection protects.
He he, I just did it, lol. Got rid of that irritating default screen saver. This is how you do it:

Make sure you don't have the installation files handy for XP to keep pulling files back out of for one. Next, delete the screensaver you want gone from the dllcache folder, then go to the system32 folder and delete it/them. GONE!!! XP's gonna groan about stability, just say "yeah, right" and cancel all it brings up - done!

Oh yeah, can all be done with XP running.
"Make sure you don't have the installation files handy for XP to keep pulling files back out of for one."

What did you mean by that?

I will give it a try.

So you didn't see that "filelist.xml" folder?
I installed XP from my hard drive and the sly little turd kept pulling the files i deleted and putting them back. My installation directory is somthing like this: X:\Winxp\i386. I just took the "p" out of Winxp so it couldn't find it anymore. If you installed from a CD then don't have the CD in the drive.

I didn't even look for the filelist.xml... I've conned XP File protection on a previous installation when i hacked my start button.
Well that sly little turd. Imagine that. Heh heh

Well I guess I won't have the XP CD on the HDD like I do with 98. Heh.

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