Feedback - not a problem, "popping" noises?


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29 Aug 2002
I am just curious about a change I notices with the move to OSNN - perhaps connected with VB3 although many would suspect Adverts also.

The symptoms are ones I only notice at OSNN and are that on first openning the OSNN page typically, or occasionally on navigating, perhaps to the home page, there is a noice I can only describe as like a bubble popping. It is quite distinctive and is not connected with any pop-up blocking or any other event I can see as noteworthy. :confused:

Someone in another forum has mentioned identical symptoms quite separate from OSNN - which makes me wonder is it a VB3 thing, or maybe they just hit similar ads to me by conincidence?

Anyone else get this? Any idea what it is - my curiosity has the better of me :)
None of our ads use flash or anything like that... and we don't use popups.
do you use MyIE2 by any chance? because the popup blocker for that borwser makes that exact bubble poping noise when it blocks a popup.
Bootsy said:
do you use MyIE2 by any chance? ...

Nope, boring old IE6 here - but thanks for suggestion. Neither do I use Google blocker (which I think also uses that noise). And as EP said there are no pop-up ads here so tis is really a bit mysterious and has me totally curious :confused:

So far as when it happens - seems the most consistent time is when I first open OSNN page using the START bar button hack that I fixed (you got around to sorting that with a new OSNN logo button yet EP?). Other than that remains a mystery - and may continue to be by the looks of it.
Oh forgot about that.
You got any idea of the dimensions on the old one?
Got PK whpping up something cool
ahhh... ummm ...I thought they are on the front page on the left hand side towards the bottom...
I thought these were the choices... Do you want more ??



yes, these are different :)

Can you remember the registry hack we had where we could add a weblink to the XP start menu?
never heard of a registry hack to do such a thing?? never knew you could... I thought you could just add the link to the XP start menu, but I havent tried it to be sure
I am attaching Icon

But of course I had to add a .jpg to attach although it is an .ICO really...

[EDIT] seemed dodgey on the attach?! Anyway it was 72 x 72, guess is all you need to know...[/EDIT]

Electronic Punk said:
I'll try and dig it up!

and as for that I think I posted a pic that should refresh memories somewhere else in this forum (this has turned into me hijacking my own thread! :p :eek: :p )

Any chance popping noises could be connected with minor script errors if I have Vstudio 6 (which I do) yet have elected to ignore errors, IE not run debug? Just a thought to try and get back OT :p


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Well if it is the ads, I am not allowed to change their code :S
Not sure yet - momentarily using lap-top where it did not seem to anyway, but it was intermittent anyway.... I will try and remember to post here if it happens again but it may have stopped (also it was not exclusive to OSNN, just most common/reliable here when it did happen). If no more post assume it does not recurr
Electronic Punk said:
None of our ads use flash or anything like that... and we don't use popups.

That is strange because today in the morning I got two pop-ups when I opened the Front Page of OSNN. I was not logged in and I had given OSNN prmission for any pop-ups in Firefox's "Web Features" for allowing/dis-allowing pop-ups.

I then removed OSNN from the list and it never did it again. It was a strange thing, since before I removed OSNN from the list I tried to duplicate the pop-up. But to no avail. :(
EP mentioned this last night on IRC, apparently there's the occasional pop-up on the front-page. I turned off my blocker and sat refreshing and never got one though.. odd.
Aaaah Haaaa...

And here I thought I wuzz seein things.
Oh and some our ads might use flash and java and what not. But I am trying to keep them unobtrusive. So no pop-unders or pop-ups... Did consider it for people who weren't logged in on the frontpage. But have to get back to myself on that one :p
People who aren't logged in will usually (at least theoretically most of the time) be none-members, making them suffer pop up/unders will discourage them signing up for membership of the site, unless the site states something along the lines of "Sign up and the pop-ups go! woo yay" but then it just looks like a shady tactic to generate members.

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