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In simple terms the higher the FSB the faster everything runs.. example a machine with a FSB of 100mhz runs alot slower that a machine with a FSB of 566mhz is all about speed. Its the same for RAM .. if it runs at 100mhz ... or at 333mhz its not as exact as that ...not like ram at 100 is 3 times slower than ram at 300 but it really does make a difference in overall performance so if you had lets say a duron 1.1ghz at 100 fsb with 256mb ram pc100

and then ran it next to a duron on a 133 fsb with 256mb ram pc2700 your going to see a huge speed increase in overall performance ...

So in the end its the HIGHER FSB allows you to run much faster and use the faster RAM sticks

If you ran DDR 2700 on a machine with a FSB of 100mhz your underclocking the RAM ... because it would not enough MHZ < power that is can handle < so it is going to run slower

you get the idea .. without getting to technical

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its all about the bandwidth

the higher the clock the more cycles or information it can process a second which makes more "space" to computer calculations and transfer data to components.

say you had 20 80gb hard drives and you was copying dvd movies from 1 hard drive to the 19 other ones. the thing that slows the whole thing down is the fsb which cant take all the data information passing through easily which causes a bottle neck

so at the end of the day the higher the fsb the more bandwidth = good computer:blink:
FSB is Front Side Bus, the bus ("wires") the CPU uses to communicate with the rest of the computer (well the chipset anyway). The FSB speed determines how fast it can communicate. High FSB > faster computer.


I noticed that nobody bothered to warn you, that if you play with your FSB increase it slowly. You can kill your system if you up it to high to fast. Another thing is that by overclocking your system you void all warrentys on you components.
i noticed Intel has created a very nice 533fsb... and amd seems to be twiddling their fingers at 333.. whats the deal with that?


Intel has always liked their big numbers, they'll be coming out with 800fsb :eek: cpu's later this year (?) i think. AMD has just kept refining their process and hence can keep up with intel despite having lower clock speeds and fsb's. Ditto to rettahc's comments.

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considering intel are ****eaters theyre not doing badly

intel is raw power
amd is efficient power


Originally posted by dubstar
i noticed Intel has created a very nice 533fsb... and amd seems to be twiddling their fingers at 333.. whats the deal with that?
i believe

amd - 333mhz=166x2
intel - 533=133x4

somethin to that effect.....but i'm probably wrong

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