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Favorites problem

There is a link in my favorites that used to work, now is causing problems in clicking favorites. I cannot delete it-error message(The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error).

I moved the entire favorites to the desktop and all made the move except this link. It is or was a local weather reporting station. Can't do anything with this link and it stops my computer for several minutes when I try to use any of the favorites. On the desktop, all work OK.

Dark Atheist

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i would run chkdsk x: /f (x being the drive to check) and let it fix any errors it finds, norm a I/O error is the first sign of a bad sector/disc, if you really want to be sure do chkdsk x: /r /f - this will check the whole disc for errors, folders, files, sectors - might take a while, and if its on c it will have to reboot the pc

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