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favorite superbowl commercial


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For the most part, the Superbowl commercials this year were pretty lame. Apparently the shadows of Janet Jackson's Nipplegate were still looming from last year. I liked the Pepsi & iTunes ads but they weren't as good as 1984 if you know what i mean.

Probably the only ad that had people talking the next day was the GoDaddy.com commercial. Although it might have been considered a little hot when compared to the other Superbowl ads, it was far from wild.

Well it turns out that the GoDaddy ad you watched during the Superbowl was the "clean" version.

Here is a link to the original GoDaddy.com commercial which did NOT air during the Superbowl because the NFL decided to pull it. My friend found this on some ad agency website.

Any one else have any favorite Superbowl ads? :mad:

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