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Faulty Graphics Before Bootscreen

I Am running a Geforce Fx 5800 ultra, using the NVIDIA 61.77 Drivers under XP service pack 2, Recently I have started my computer to find that on the bios screen there are 5 sets of 3 lines going across the screen, this is when detecting IDE Channels, the next Screen where there is writing it shows this symbol | over all the writing, when the Xp Boot Screen appears there are 3 sets of 3 lines corrupting the image, and then when it gets to the logon screen, it will either Cause a blue Screen showing the Message "***Stop: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005,0xf5e723b6,0xf79c624c,0xf7c5f48) or it will allow me to logon to my pc but with Pink Lines going all down the screen, or the Desktop is corrupted completely. When this first happened I went into safemode, to find the exact same problem existed so it couldn’t of been the drivers, however I uninstalled them and reinstalled older drivers to make sure, finding the same problem I went back into safemode and reinstalled the 61.77 Drivers. Still the problem Occurred. After Pushing the reset button many times the problem went away and didn’t occur again till now (that was a week ago) and today whenever I try to install the Drivers the pc Crashes or restarts, it only does this however when it actually detects the card, because it gets to 31% and when the screen flickers to do a test , the pc Crashes, I have made sure it is not a monitor problem by plugging a 2nd monitor into the port and I still have the same problem. I am currently not using any drivers for the card as the PC Seems more stable (Doesn’t Restart at random)

What can be done? I purchased the card last April and it has a 5yr Gurantee. However it was a Pcworld.co.uk Web Exclusive Offer and i cant Contact the maker, Being PNY as im always directed to the french Number for Techinical Support.I Am Currently Looking for the Receipt and i fear they wont let me take the Graphics card back and have it replaced as PNY dont make the FX 5800 Ultra anymore, and they would prob send me a crapper card.

Please Help

Thanks From Steven.
Ive phoned them up and they are looking to send me a replacement nvidia card which is equivelent to the fx5800 ultra. what wud b an equivalent?
Well i know it's not any help - but when i got my 6800 gt the other day I was getting that sort of scrambled graphics, something's screwed lol - Not so sure about a 5800 ultra equivilent, what are they gonna compare it on; the amount you spent? or just a similar card? The closest that PNY do i think is the 5900xt, dunno how that'll affect performance though. Don't know if it'll be any better as the ultra's are always pretty tasty
The Guy From PC World said he would Compare it higher than the 5900 Series due to clock speed, Memory.n he sed it depends on Price spent. im Hopin for a 6800Gt lol doudt ill get it tho
ste_w said:
The Guy From PC World said he would Compare it higher than the 5900 Series due to clock speed, Memory.n he sed it depends on Price spent. im Hopin for a 6800Gt lol doudt ill get it tho
Well lol make sure it works - i've had a bitch of a time with one of those but i've still got my faith in them lol if anything just ask them if you can just pay the extra? they'd probably allow that i'm sure - best time for upgrading :p Might aswell push the boat out and go ultra! why not? heh
Well i'm forntunately back in the black lol money from my card should be refunded - If they test it and find it to be fine i was them to prove it lol by the time i've got that i'll be able to go ultra hopefully

see how much they offer moneywise, out of interest, how much did the card cost you?
Card Cost me £350 and they dont make um no more. N Only thing is i wont have a G.Card in my pc Till they test it n send me a new one, so my pc is gona be useless.
ouch, yeah that's gotta suck :( Well i'm gonna have to sit here and just stare at my card when i buy it because i can't afford rest of the new PC-in-progress. £350? Whoa - well the GT is just under that price (dunno what PC world would charge for it though) but if you get the full price you might be able to push ultra with that extra 60 lol
PC World Said the Warranty with them last 12months which is now up, However the 5yr Warranty that came with the Card From PNY is still ok, so i gota get in touch with PNY durin the week, just hope my Pc is ok, ive got drivers workin in it at the mo, n it seems ok, mite just leave the pc till i fone pny lol
For reference here's all the cards at a glance on 3dmark. The next card up would be a 5900 XT.


I don't know how good PNY Europe is but the USA replacement guys ended up giving 6800's to a buddy of mine. He had a string of 5700's and then 5800's die on him and his wife and finally bitched enough they gave him a 6800 (repalcing a 5700) and a 6800 ultra (replacing a 5700 ultra).

Good luck.
Wow thats quite a leap in benchmark terms, n as they no longer support the 5950 i shud b gettin a 6800, hopefully, i gota fone them up in about 10mins to sort it all out. Really cud do with that 6800 lol

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