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Far Cry 1.2 Problems

Hi all

I Cant Get the Far cry 1.2 Patch To install, i click the 1.2 Exe and it says Far Cry Cannot be Detected? Its Installed but is not on the Drive With Windows On Being C:\ The Game is Installed on G:\ i cannot install Far Cry on Drive C: As there is just no Room For it, How can i Get the patch to Search G:\

Please Help


Reinstalled The Game on My G:\ My C:\ it wont fit on at all, n dont have anything to delete to Free up Room. Only other person i know who cant get it to install is runnin pirate Version i think, either that or he cant b bothered puttin the Cd in to play as he says he uses a crack, i however have Full Game, n dont hav any crack for the game.

So Whats Goin on?

Ill Try Puttin the patch in the Farcry Game Folder n run it from there.

Please Help

Son Goku

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BTW, patch 1.2 for Far Cry has been recalled, due to problems peeps were having with it.


Ubisoft let us know that the Far Cry 1.2 patch released a few days ago has been recalled. According to the publisher "Far Cry patch 1.2 has shown unexpected behaviour on specific hardware configurations. These matters are mainly due to incompatibilities with several optimisations brought lately to the code, with the intent to please a large number of users". CryTek is working on a fixed version of the update to be released "as soon as possible".
This seems (from what I've heard) more with running the patch then installing it, but thought I'd pass this along.


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for those who still want to install and run patch 1.2... simply re-install the game... according to Ubisoft this will fix many install related problems..

however seeing as the patch has been recalled you may want to hold off..


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it only affects certain hardware configs but I haven't seen a release on which ones are ok and which ones aren't

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