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Fans On, Lights On, Yet Nothing


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I swear to god I am about to chuck this computer right out the window.

This is after I replaced my power supply, for those who are wondering.

I get everything set up, push the power button on my case and the fans come on and the lights come on. The computer does not bring the monitor away from standby, nor is there a beep to tell me that the POST went OK.

I thought this was odd, so I plugged in my old video card (ATI Rage) and still no dice...

One thing to note is that when i turned the computer on, I smelled a funny smell, almost like something electrical....

I give Rep points to those who help me :)


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Your graphics card using AGP or PCI?
Check your BIOS settings, in particular the AGP/VGA part. Cant remember what they should be from the top of my head.


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this might sound silly but i take it all the cables were pushed in properly no bare bits of metal touching the boards etc, can u try to narrow down were the smell is actually comin from to indicate wtf has blown up?


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good point... check the pins on the monitor cable, and if possible, check that the monitor is fully working on another machine.


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Ming--My monitor does not come on--so I cannot check BIOS settings, and the cards both use AGP

Dan--I cannot narrow down the location of the smell


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I think I have narrowed it down to a CPU or MB problem because I just tried removing my RAM and starting the computer up, and there was no beep so....


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why did you replace your PS? if i went one day good chance it damaged your mobo. i have had 2 mother boards kick it because of power supplys hehe and 3 drives. Iv learbed my lesson :) dont buy cheap ones. All you can do is swithc out the parts to narrow things down but i bet its the motherboard. Take off your pSU cooler and look for burnes/cracks. i doubt it though.


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just one comment - thaty smell was likely your new PSu "burning in" and not anything blowing up - every new PSU I have had has had that and I actually find I kinda like it - to me it is like the "new computer smell" - you know like the new car smell


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well your getting a new mobo for christmas right? I would just wait untill then and see what happends. Its 90% unlikely that u will have to replace the processor since all i have read about peoples computers not starting up ended up being the mobo.


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Fans and lights use 12volts.
If you're not getting the 5 volts, then the mobo et al won't startup.
I'd be inclined to try another psu.
Could you tell us why you replaced the psu in the first place ???


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I have had a very very nasty thought. I think you may have dislodged your CPU heatsink and thats gone. It has all the trademarks working fine the burning smell then gone :( your fans and lights etc will all work if any of the four have died, CPU, RAM GFX Card or mainboard. Is there anyway you can borrow a chip?


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well i am getting a new mainboard for christmas whether this one is broken or not, so I will probably just wait and see what happens

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Most mobos/cpu will trigger a power off before the cpu die gets anywhere near too hot and the very presense of the heatsync will keep it relatively clear.

Try taking out the RAM and reseating it.

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