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fan circulation



i just got a new case with a side panel fan, im curious should i have the fan blowing air into the case or outside? thanks


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A lot of people have the side panel fans setup as intake fans but it can depend on which way the CPU heatsink fan is running..either blowing or sucking.


im not sure, its on a dell case that has that big ass fan attached to the back of the case and a big plastic case bending over the heatsink to re direct the air flow. how can i tell if it sux or blo's? heh i just feel hot air back thier


ok so if its blowing air out i want my side fan to blow air in? and soon i will have another fan on the back panel right below where the big cpu fan is. should that blow in or out also?


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Well in my opinion the more finds u have getting the out air out the system the better but you also need a few pulling cool air into the system. So if u plan on putting a fan close to the cpu I would say it should blow out


The fan on the side is designed to cool the PCI / AGP slot, your graphics card etc. that should be sucking IN air from outside.

I want one of those, but dont wanna try DIY, as I'll probably screw my case!!! lol


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Hey $tUy_B, it's not that hard really. I cut all the holes in my cases without any troubles. Two of them have the perspex windows.

All you need is a good drill machine and a 3" holesaw. Mark where you want the hole and then take it nice and easy..

jak deth

My thoughts are a fan blowing in at the front, one at the rear blowing out will give you the best amount of air passing thru the case and getting the stagnant hot air out. Of course there is a fan in the power supply blowing out working in conjunction w/ the front fan blowing in which will also move the most hot air out. Needless to say you prolly have a good heat sink on the CPU w/ a fan on it. If it came pre-assembled I assume they used a good heat sink paste on it which also helps dissipate the heat generated by the CPU, ditto for the assembly on the AGP card CPU.

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