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Fake 'branded' blank DVDs?


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I was having a read through a FAQ on doom9.org, when I found the following text:
  1. If a cakebox says 'Maxell', 'Verbatim' or 'TDK', do I get discs as good as in juwel cases?
    No! Princo has some time aso faked TDK codes, so that a cakebox labaled as TDK could very well be Princo, and Maxell - IDs are currently also used illegaly by an unknown chinese dvd-r manufacturer, making really, really bad discs. Some won't even work at 1x. If you want to be sure, buy juwel cased media only.
    Nowadays, Verbatim is packing cheap stuff into spindles (like CMC), and sells Mitsubishi media in juwel cases.
Is this as bad as it sounds? I may have missed something, but is this implying that one could buy 'Verbatim' discs on a spindle and they may turn out to be $hite? Has anyone ever come across this? The phrase "If you want to be sure, buy juwel cased media only" is particularly alarming.

I've bought branded CD-Rs on a spindle before and I have never had a problem.


Well, i got a 50pk of dvd+r from www.meritline.com and the last 20-25 on the spindle were scratched and bad around the last 800megs or so. I got the cheap Princo as well, and i would never go back to using them (if i use online i only get ritek). With media you get what you pay for though, I had to learn that the hard way.
If you don't care about the company labels on the top go to a local big store,best buy, compusa (i use local microcenter) and they have them on sale for the same price you can get online and are name brands and I have yet to have any problems with the spindle in the stores. You can always return i would guess, or write to the company if worse comes to worse and they would always send you a coupon for new dvds
Not entirely true, the better regarded brand names use the better regarded media producers. Check out the link American Dragon provided in the "what dvd media" thread.


I may actually be insane.
Having bought most variances of disc from case'd top-brand to bulk spindled no-brand cheap crap, I've never actually experienced any differences in the media.

Some people tend to over react when it comes to media quality, these days it's all mass produced, obviously some with better production processed than others, but on the most part, you can't go wrong :)


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You usually can't go wrong if you make sure that the discs you buy say "Made In Japan." These are almost always guarranteed to be Taiyo Yuden discs.


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i buy rolls of TY dvd-r 16x several at a time from their distributor/office in Bedford Park (Chicago) and have never had any problem with the spindles.

Have yall ever seen a 40' container full of blank media? This is an impressive sight.

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