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Facts about Blizzcon '05

Some interesting facts about Blizzcon:

Registering for the event is kind of hit-and-miss, since the registration site may or may not be up at any given time.

Before you enter Blizzcon restrooms, you will have to wait in a queue for 5-20 minutes.

Sometimes shuttle buses there disappear and drop you in the water where you die of fatigue if your hearthstone hasn't cooled down yet.

If too many people attend at once, you will only be able to move every five seconds.

The attendance package they provide you might be a mess, with some parts missing or not working right, but the person next to you is just fine.

Occasionally, the electricity in half of the building will go out. Nobody knows how long it will be before it will come back up, but the obvious solution will be to shut the power off in the OTHER half for several hours, maybe even a day, and credit you for future conference time.

Should you complain about the raw deal you got, the person next to you will say "STFU I never had any of those problems, which means nobody else at the conference could possiby have them either. You must be lying because you are an EQ plant and also a noob."

Most conferences don't have these problems, but Blizzard can assure attendees that holding a conference is a very complex process, and not all problems can be fixed as quickly as you think. Give them an indefinite amount of time, and they will make a solution. Probably.

Until then, pay your money and be patient; otherwise you will be subject to relentless shouts "OMFG STFU NOOB CRY MORE GG EQ2 AND GW SUX LOL PWNED"

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