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F1 Racing


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Hi all
Did anyone get up to Watch the F1 as i did (UK). Good to see team Brawn GP doing so well and it seamed a more tight race instead of usual Ferriari/McLaren always winning.

Their again the politics have started already.

whada ya think.
The way it's being run this year pretty much guarantees a decent championship. They really lost it and the sport went downhill so fast it was ridiculous. It's a pity Honda had to sell, but evidently Brawn is making a good go of it!
This race sucked quite a bit, too many accidents and things going wrong. The fact the safety car was out all the time really screwed it up. But, it's all teething problems and hopefully the rest of the season will be much better.
Good for Button on his win.


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I haven't taken much interest in the Sport since the season after Murray Walker retired. I did watch one or two last season, but I think there's been too many changes in regulation in the past 5 years.

I do agree that it's good to see other teams starting to win at the start of the season, but let's not forget that there are still plenty of races left. I'm sure it's still going to be Ferrari and/or McLaren in the top 2.

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