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Extra User Account

Ok maybe someone can tell me what's going on here. I went to change the password on my one and only user account on this comp (outside the main admin account which is only available via safemode and doesn't appear under the user account list) to discover there was another account listed under the user accounts area. This new account doesn't appear on the welcome screen, is a limited account and is password protected. I've ruled out the possibility that it could have been created by someone else as no one else has used my computer since I reformatted it, and I've ruled out any known viruses as nothing came up on a system scan. The name of the account is ASP.NET MACHINE A... if it helps.

Thnx for any help on this.
Nothing to worry about.

It's created when you install the .NET framework to run any .NET applications. The account is required to support ASP.NET development on your local machine with IIS.
If you don't do any ASP.NET development, you can delete the account if you really want to (it doesn't have any adverse effect), but I'd just leave it there. As I said, it's nothing to get concerned about.

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