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External backup device

Hi i want to be able to back up my whole drive(4 partitions)in case my c drive(winxp pro)crashes,i need a 120/160g drive,usb2 or firewire or both,any recomendations as ive been looking,i dont know whats best.Thanx :confused:
My brother has a LaCie external Firewire drive, and it works beautifully well.

They tend to be a little pricey though, so a less costly solution would be to buy just a regular hard drive (of whatever capacity you want), a separate drive enclosure (they're available with USB or Firewire connections), and put it together yourself. It just takes a couple of minutes to do.


Some folks may not agree with this - but I got a 160 GB Western Digital external USB 2 that I got for a very good price at the Base Exchange and it suits my purposes just fine.:p


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I use a Maxtor 250Gb one touch at work as opposed to tape.

1) Faster, firewire fast. Not that the drive can actually keep up with the firewire speed. But it's quick for external.
2) No actual drivers needed. I run a backup of our systems to a partition on the server and then back up the partition. Copy and paste.
3) Cost, like other external HDD's it isn't cheap, but it was much cheaper than tape.
4) I can use it to transport files from store to store or from home.
5) The whole system fits in our safe, in case the place burns.



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I vote for buying the largest IDE drive you can afford (preferrably a 5400 rpm drive) and putting it in an external enclosure. Only connect the drive for the backup process.


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Why 5400?

I know they still make them, I just don't know if they are very large......

/leaves too look


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kingsam said:
...,i need a 120/160g drive,usb2 or firewire or both,any recomendations...
you make no mention of budget? If you want a ready to go solution then be like me ( :p ) and get a Maxtor onetouch 300 GB external.

It has both firewire and USB2 and I would hugely recommend getting the largest you can afford for future expansion and/or the ability to hold more than one backup image. IMHO Firewire is the technically superior WTG and it also leaves your USB bandwidth free for other purposes at all times.

If you seriously want to save money - then go for the enclosure and 5400 solution - this has the advantage that if your backup drive dies you can swap in another one, unlike the one touch....

One other thing - you can rack up multiple one touches daisy chaining them :)
Hi all ,thanx for the comments & advice my budget is about £150,so i think im going to go with the enclosure & hdd,does the one touch completely back up my whole drive at simply thetouch of a button?if it does then i may spend a bit more.


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I vote for buying the largest IDE drive you can afford (preferrably a 5400 rpm drive) and putting it in an external enclosure. Only connect the drive for the backup process.
i have 2 of these. i run them using usb 2.0 works great. fast as hell and cheap.


here is exactly what i have one with a 100 and another with a 120. they suport up to 300 gigs i think and you can switch out a dvd drive in them if you want.

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