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exporting emails


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i want to keep my old emails (I'm about to reformat). but when i do export in outlook it gives me an error and says that it couldn't initliaze MAPI and so it won't do it. how can i get rid of the error/save my emails?


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the way i do it (there is probably a better way) is just drag them into a folder on the desktop. if you want to put them back in your email client, just drag them back (only works for outlook and OE as far as i know)
I never knew that you could drag and drop e-mail and contacts from Outlook. Thanks man! I always disliked the export option (goes more wrong than good) and this is more faster. I am about to reformat too and this is just what I needed!
If this is outlook express then Tools > Options
click the Maintaince Tab, then click the Message Store button, you can than copy the path and get to that with Explorer, and copy them somewhere, else

you can also modify the Message Store to always keep them somewhere else. I have mine on my data drive so I dont loose them if I have to format windows.
If you do format windows then you can just change the Message store back to your folder with the files in once you have reinstalled. All is fine.

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