Explorer holding onto my files??



There was a post that was similar to my problem not so long ago. I'm having troubles with explorer.exe holding on and not letting me modify or rename or cut and paste..etc.. files that I download. I don't really understand why xp does this.. I have nothing else running in the background except the services (which is where I'm starting to lean fer an answer).. and it still happens.. the post that I seen earlier on had an answer that these files (which are larger by the way) like 600mb or larger.. (*wonder what they are..lol*;)) anyhow.. the post said that they simply disabled the resolution in explorer when showing details and it seemed to work.. that didn't work fer me.. so I'm still looking for suggestions... it seems that it wants to hog the cpu as well (using more then the usual 1-2 % that explorer.exe usually does).

Cheers and thanks for any helpful info.

Len.. aka G_Raff :confused:


I'll give it a try.. thanks a lot.. I'll also let you know how it goes...(In case it does or doesn't work for other people).. it sounds like it might do it..


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