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Explorer.exe using a LOT of memory

So it used to use around 15-20megs on a regular fine day, then I noticed it has been growing over the 3-4 days to a gigantic 100mb memory usage, and 150mb VM usage.
I've checked Adware, Virus, etc, but the computer seems clean...
Anyone know what could be wrong? :confused:

Using winxp sp2 w/ latest patches..
(Should make time to install the new ATI driver + Slackware, but never seem to get around to it..) :confused:
there was a bug with C-Dilla a while ago which could cause this, most common occurance was if you also had Norton AV Corp installed though other things could do it as well, usually fixed by updating to C-Dilla 3.57 or something like that, or of course by removing C-Dilla
I've only one explorer.exe running, and I have no idea what C-Dilla is. But I am running the Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition... Time to upgrade to something else..?


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c-dilla is the secure rom feature for games, basic encryption on games. disabling this will cause some games to not work properly

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