Exploit code for XP/ME

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pc_tek, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. pc_tek

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    This is such a goode website, in fact probably one of the best i have seen for XP. Why would someone in this domain encourage negative behavior by posting the exploit code for security flaws in XP/ME on the home page.

    I know that this is probably not the intended purpose of putting the code out there. But lets think about it, who would be interested in that code? Hacker maybe!

    I know there is a patch out there for it, but lets face it, not everyone has it (probably there own fault), but that should mean to give every one the power to get into there system either.

    OK, im off my soapbox now =)
  2. moterhedd

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    I think it is extremely important to post all information relevant to
    a subject. If you are going to a site such as this, you want to see all info: positive, negative, leaks, patches etc. You can't have the best site (or even a top one) if you start excluding valuable information. People, in general, don't come to a site like this to get exploit code. It is readily available in underground and hacker sites. Keep up the good work!
    I am NOT a kiss-ass! Really I'm not. lol
  3. Speed4Ever

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    I agree with AlecStaar and moterhedd,

    If an exploit is found, the hacker/cracker community will have it long before we do in most cases.

    Denying this information is like Ford or General Motors holding back a defective steering column that comes off, until days or weeks later when a fix is figured out.

    That doesnt do the unknowing consumer who runs into a concrete wall any good...

    Knowledge is Power...

  4. redhook

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    Lets put it this way. Systems crackers (that is the proper term a hacker is a programmer) find a way to compromise system security you read about how easy this new exploit can break into your system. There is no patch out for it yet and you want to do everything you can to prevent your system from being compromised. But can't get the exploit to see how it works. Now how are you supposed to prevent this breakin from happening if you do not know how the exploit works? It's not possible.