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Exchange Server Cluster / SP2 Update


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I have two Exchange Servers in a clustered configuration. I am looking for information (official documentation would be best) on how to apply SP2. I can only find documentation in the Microsoft Knowledgebase pertaining to SP1.

Has anyone done a SP2 update in a clustered environment?

Exchange Server 2003 (SP1)
Running on Windows Server 2003 (SP1)
Need to apply Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2

Thank you.


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This looks a bit tough. I searched on Google for awhile, most of the other forums stated it shouldn't be done, but probably because they are all pansies :p

I did find one article that appears to have it step by step, but it looks like you have to pay to view the article, which is obviously no help unless you know someone with a subscription:

Microsoft has a guide on installing SP1, which you probably already knew about:

The details of SP2 were updated today, so I'm thinking a how-to guide that is MS approved may be coming down the pipe shortly?

Perhaps send an e-mail off to MS, asking when they might publish the white papers?

Whatever you choose, good luck mate :)


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Installing an update such as this one could hose my cluster. Considering the reason we have clustered servers is because I hosed the original Exchange server. =]

That's why I am hesitant.


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Even if you had a standalone, Exchange can get cranky with updates. Being Hesitant is the way to go brother :)

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