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Exchange 2003, Intelligent Message Filter, White list???


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Hey guys,

I have been having a bad problem with spam at the work place. Numerous higher ups have been complaining about the increase in spam since our third party program expired. I tried getting it renewed, however my co-worker did not want to fork out the money for it. We've been trying to use the Intelligent Message Filter (hereby known as IMF... not mission impossible!) to alleviate the incoming spam. While it helped a little bit, it has not been doing such a great job.

I found out recently that it's been doing a good job on email that doesn't need to be filtered. We have a few users who utilize Blackberry devices, and some people like to send mail only using the blackberry address and not their email address. However, we're getting messages stating that the email has been rejected when they try to send them in. I've confirmed there is a connection being made to the server since I can find the email in the logging.

I know that IMF has a sender blacklist. IMF also has a recipient whitelist, where you can add people that you don't want to be subject to the terms of the IMF when they receive email. I don't need either of those, however. I really need a whitelist so I can say that all email from a particular domain will be ACCEPTED no matter what into the emails.

Any idea on how this can be done with the IMF? Numerous searches of Google and MS KB have proved futile...



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Get the hotfix (http://forum.osnn.net/showthread.php?t=91030) and add the reg keys

edit: alternatively, you can shell out a little cash for IMFTune. We use it and it works well.

Thanks Fitz! But unfortunately, I don't think that's what I'm looking for. I have already seen that functionality with our IMF. Not sure if the patch is installed, but I know I've seen it. However, that is stating that whatever recipient we specify, any email being sent to them will not be run against the IMF... however that's not what we need.

Basically we want an address (*@sprint.blackberry.net) to be able to email ANYONE within the domain without getting caught by the IMF rejecting the email. Whenever that server attempts to communicate with ours, it says message denied. Our server is blocking sprint.blackberry.net, however it's not on the blacklist!


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ah.. i see.

As far as I know, there is no functionality built-in to the IMF to whitelist a sender's domain.

You can, however, use a utility (like the IMFTune I mentioned earlier) to provide whitelist functionality. As I stated also, we use it here and the whitelist function does work against the IMF.

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