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I have a several cells I need information in on the same sheet. I tried to do ='Page1'!A1

A1 will be where I input the information. I want when I put the information in A1 to fill in the others cells. I can do this if the cells is on a different sheet. But for some reason if I try to do it on the same sheet it only put the formula in the cell I want the information in.


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If I am understanding this, you want something like cell D24 to be the same as A1 where both cells are on the same sheet.

If that is the case in D24 you would just put in =A1.

It may also be that you have format view enabled so that you always see the fomulas and not the result. In that case, hit Ctrl+`(thats the key to the left of the #1 key) and it will toggle the formula view.

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