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Exam board introduces games course for students


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Another nice excuse to slack off

The OCR, which stands for the Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations, a baord of examiners, is set to run a course here in the UK for students doing their A-levels.

The "meeja" course, dubbed "conflict and competition in computer and video games", is not intended to allow them to have fun playing games as part of a course. Oh no.

Or should that be, oh yes! Students will be given yet another made-up course in which they can slack off, and perhaps even enjoy themselves. Enjoyment, these days, should be unheard of in education.

Peter Fraser, chief examiner of the OCR board, told the BBC "It's about getting them to analyse the culture that's all around them."

For example, a game like Neverwinter Nights tells us that there are 'dark elves' out to get us, and that society is much like a fantasy gaming world - college often draws a striking parallel with the 'thieves' guild'.

Will the course be a success? Probably, if lazy students are anything to go by. This could provide quite a nice fill in between 'thermogenic studies' (i.e. baking cakes), and 'philosophy' (i.e. slacking off 101)

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Damn - i'm starting my A Levels in September, won't be out by then.

Ah Well........it would be great though, especially with teachers who will want to have massive Quake Tournies on the school computers at lunch.

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