Ok, this is a strange one that has stumped me for awhile and maybe someone can help. I have XP Pro running on a PIII 933 with 512 memory, a nVida G-Force 2 with 64 mb DDR and a SoundBlaster Live 5.1. All devices have the latest drivers and I have just again checked to be sure there are no other updates.

Ok now the problem. When I run EverQuest the sound is all messed up. The music sputters and sounds terrible all the time, some sounds seem like they are muffled. Generally they sound quality is just plain bad. I didnt have this problem before, anyone have any suggestions?:confused:


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Have you tried changing any of the in-game sound options to see if one is causing it? I haven't played EQ in awhile but I do remember there being a few options ingame involving sound


I have adjusted all the sound options and even went so far as to turn off many of the advanced graphic features and I still have the sound problems.

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