Ever encouneterd a fight? with alot of people vs you?



My dad once did, him vs. about 5-6 people.

He is about 40 now, and at that ime , he was about 33.
The people thought they were badboys, so they started a fight.
My dads mate saw the fight and helped in, those people got a beating, coz my dads mate is a big bodybuilder!


its me vs the world every day.
once time at band camp... lol ok no seriously
I lived in a neighbor hood where white people are kinda outnumbered by everything else aka hillsboro. Well they didnt like my brother (cowboy) too much and decided 25 of them were going to jump him. 15 acctually tried and my brother broke a few knees and noses but finally got overcome when hes large (muscular) freind saw and decided to become a human battering ram and scattered lil folks everywhere lol. my bro got beat up pretty bad but no hospitalization was needed


hmmm isn't this thread about YOU getting into a fight with a few people, not your dad or brother.



I go jumped at a party in high school. I have no idea how many there were total, but I knew a couple of the people involved, mainly the guy who was having the party. I do know I got my @ss kicked and good. I ended up with a few stitches, a broken nose, a couple broken ribs, my left eye suffered some fairly serious damage that required me to wear an eye patch for nearly 6 months (and caused a 20-30% loss of sight and an obnoxious twitch that still troubles me off & on to this day 11 years later), and I was pretty much a black, blue and bloody mess from head to toe.

Apparently I associated with the wrong people.

My beating took place early in March my junior year in high school. It wasn't until the weekend before Halloween that I gave a little back. The people I hung with at that time were basically a bunch of brawlers anyway and they were more than happy to help me out. With their aid, a total of about 30 of us rolled up on a party at the same house where I got beat down. Greg & JJ got down on this guy as soon as we got there and took his car (late 70's Buick) and ended up driving it through the front door of this guy's house. You can imagine the chaos that ensued. When all was said and done the guy's house was completely trashed and he was a bloody mess as were the majority of the people there.

No one ever got arrested for anything that happened either of those nights, and the guy who's house got trashed was sent off by his parents, presumably to military/reform school and shortly afterwards they moved away.


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so far so good... no fights involving me v/s the world cept online :)

been in a coupla 1-1 fights when I was still pre secondary :)

that was fun... I may not be a big lad but my bone density = top notch hence a bunched fist from me = pretty decent damge :)

I'll leave the thread to the heroes who took on 5-6 peeps et al...

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been in lots of fights when i was younger.
when i was about 15 i had a 1 vs 4 fight, but they where bit younger so they ran away pretty easy, was still fun, my dad was watching out of the window.
biggest fight ever was 20 vs 20 , we where all totally drunk and it ended pretty bad, i had the sense to back out b4 jaws where broken.


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i get in the ocasional fight + always win. i am built like a brick
sh!t house so no one ever messes. if they do they find out how strong my upper body is from rugby:cool:


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We used to have this thing at school called a "rush"

You'd be standing in the playground when all of a sudden someone would scream RUSH and you'd see some poor ******* being chased by a whole heap of folk. Eventually the whole playground would join in the chase until the prey was run to ground and everyone just piled on!!

More often than not the victim would crawl out the bottom unhurt about 10 minutes before anyone realised he'd gone!!

Fortunately never me though!!



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generally where I live mexican folk don't like white ppl ie: me :D anywho I got in a fight with 3 guys in front of a payless after the smallest one wth some rag on his hand decided he would sucker punch me when he walked by, well as u would say.... it was on like donkey kong after that! I came out of it ith a black eye and a bloody lip one of them had a broken nose another had sum hurt testies. and one ran when I broke his friends nose.

on another date :D my sperm doner (cuzz hes never been a real dad) was riding my brother dirt bike and it broke down in this field about 100 meters from the house. The feild is surronded by houses and of course 2 guys come up to him and start talking there bs essay vato type junk. needless to say a fight started and my sperm doner was down with a broken jaw in a matter of second. so here comes my brother and his budy busting out of the house to the rescue. they get over there and start on those guys and then just out of nowhere people start pooring out of the houses there was a good 25 30 people out there on 3 guys brother layed out a good 5 or 6 b4 being hit by a 2x4 in the side of the head by some 13 yr old wanna be thug. his budy got hit in the head with a bottle just before that and saw my brother go down so he was fighting to get to him, and here come rosie with the gauge (wemon always got yah back when u need the the most :eek: ) lets one rip in the air and everyone scaters cept the 5 or 6 ppl that where knocked out laying on the ground.:)


the only fight ive been in that involved more than just me and one other guy was back in 97'

my best friend and i got together with some of his "friends" and we all decided to trip on some acid (for future reference always trip with good friends if not things can and probably will get very ugly!) things went fine the first few hours we all just chilled listened to our favorite cd's discussed politics, humanity,religion and all the usual trippin topics. things started to take a turn for the worst when one of my friends friend started talking about how bad he is and how many guys asses he had kicked etc.

by this time i was trippin balls and i keep thinking this guy is putting his rage towards me cause I'm the biggest guy there and this dude ain't nothing but like 5'7" or 5'8" and probably 150 at the most so he keeps rambling on about his toughness and i get madder and madder cause I'm thinking the dude is getting hostile towards me because he is talking directly to me and i was getting the vibe he was sending out.

so finally i tell him "dude you ain't ****!" "if you were half as bad as i am you would be a pretty tough dude" (LSD sometimes gets my mind into a barbaric state and i look at things like mankind would back thousands of years ago when men always fought and sex was the real cave man sex hardcore as it gets) so anyways we talk **** back and forth for a few minutes and i finally tell him "ok boy get your punk ass out in the yard I'm gonna see if your as bad as you think you are" so we go out there and i tell him he can have the first punch so then he throws a right jab towards my face and i quickly jerk my head left and i threw a hard left hook into the right side of his body then a right uppercut on his jaw he goes straight down.

i get on top of the dude (already knowing that he didn't have anything for me) and just start smacking him in the face a bit talking major smack to him all along the lines of hey dude i thought you were this mr billy bad ass that was so tough.
well it wasn't but a few seconds after this i get jumped on from behind (ended up being the guys younger brother which was smaller than he was) so i get up and the dude is standing there with a medium sized pocket knife and the first thing i do is just bust out laughing and i say "boy! what the fu*k do you think your gonna do with that?" and he says "man i cant let you do my bro that way" and i just slap hid hand and knock the knife out of his hand and punch him right in the mouth. just by the look on his face i knew he didn't want any trouble.

i start to go back into the house and my best friend said "man your ****ing bleeding!" i reach down and i feel blood on my lower right side. the dudes brother had stabbed me when he first jumped on me and i didn't even realize it.

so we go back in the house and I'm sitting there bleeding like a stuck pig and they (including both of the brothers) are like man you need to go to the hospital then I'm freaking out cause I'm tripping hard and don't want to go to the hospital cause then everyone would know i was trippin and then they'd call the police and id go to jail. i was freaking out and said **** it I'm not going anywhere.

so turns out one of the guys there his girlfriend was a nurse and she looked at it and was cleaning it up and said i had to have stitches or id end up bleeding to death honestly i barely felt it, just a dull burning sensation but no real pain. i told her no i was going to the hospital and i set there and thought about it and told her your a nurse sew it up she looked at me and laughed i told her i wasn't kidding. she said i cant just sew you up i don't have the tools to do it with and i asked her got needle and thread ?? and she looked at me with this weird look but she ended up sewing me up. now that did hurt like hell it was a crude job but it did the trick but it left a nasty little scar though. oh and i ended up having sex with her later that night but......thats another story lol.

but thats my 2 on 1 encounter i still look back on that night and i swear i think that night would make a good movie lol

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i aint had no fights b4 cuz i run like the wind these days you go to fight someone and they either gang up or they pull out a weapon so i learnt how to run but one on one anyday i have nice protruding knuckles so in the face and theyre down with severe bruising or concussion

the best rush i experienced was at secondary skool
a kid said and i quote " all N*iggers Live in the gutter" word got round and considering there was half black half white that was very foolish so every black kid chased him round the skool at break had to be about 100 to 200 i think he got a good battering but also i think he was expelled for his own safety hehe i would have been sh*ttin it but then again i wouldnt be so stupid to cum out with a comment like that


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Originally posted by Mubbers
We used to have this thing at school called a "rush"

You'd be standing in the playground when all of a sudden someone would scream RUSH and you'd see some poor ******* being chased by a whole heap of folk. Eventually the whole playground would join in the chase until the prey was run to ground and everyone just piled on!!

More often than not the victim would crawl out the bottom unhurt about 10 minutes before anyone realised he'd gone!!

Fortunately never me though!!

Hahaha thats a blast from the past Mubbers....We used to do that :D :D

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yeh drugs are bad and so is sewing yourself up with a rusty old needle and so is f*ckin your mates girl


LSD isn't bad for you physically and we sterilized the needle and the girls guy wasn't my friend so it was all good lol.

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LSD is a Hallucination drug developed by Albert Hoffman in the 60's (tho there are some claims about the army experimenting with it b4 that).LSD is the initials of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and was made out of fungus (don't remember what kind).

Basically makes you see and hear stuff, much like mushrooms.

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