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Even After the 11th of Sep:Saudis Spread Hate Speech in U.S.

Washington, DC - The Saudi Institute and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) have initiated a joint project to track and study the spread of hate speech in the U.S. and abroad by Saudi Arabian officials and institutions.

“Astonishingly, even as the Saudi government spends millions to convince Americans that they are friends and allies, they are waging a campaign based on slanders, falsehoods, intolerance and defamation,” said Saudi Institute Director Ali al-Ahmed. “It is vital that the American people and their elected leaders know what the Saudi government is doing – and respond appropriately.”

This hate is taught to students who end up as Imams for the Muslim community in America. In turn they teach it to thousands of Muslim youth in mosques and schools. The result is deadly.

The Institute calls on Arab and Muslim organizations in America to reject this hate and distant themselves form the hatful teachings promoted by the Saudi official institutions.

Examples of hate speech being disseminated by Saudi officials are attached.

Hate Literature Distributed by Saudi Officials in the U.S.

Saudi officials disseminate hate literature openly in the United States, through such entities as the Institute for Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America (IIASA), in Fairfax, Va. and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), in Alexandria, Va. They show that official Saudi representatives in the United States promote belief that Jews are the source of all conflicts in the world, that Shi’a Muslims are part of a Jewish conspiracy, and that Muslims, Jews, and Christians cannot live together.


The book Deen al-Haqq (The True Religion), authored in Arabic by Abdul-Rahman Ben Hamad Al-Omer. Printed by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Riyadh, and paid for by the foundation of Ibrahim ibn Abdul-Aziz Al-Brahim, King Fahd’s father-in-law. Distributed by in the U.S. by WAMY and IIASA:

“Judaism and Christianity are deviant religions” (page 25)

“The Saved Sect – Muslims are many in number but few in reality, and the groups that claim to be Muslim are many, approaching 73 sects and numbering more than 1 billion.” (An assertion that only Wahhabis are Muslims and all others are unbelievers.– page 47)

“(Negations of One’s Islam) [Negation 8] - Befriending the unbelievers, through loving and cooperating with them while knowing that they are unbelievers, makes those who are their friends the same as them.” (page 99)

“We say to every Christian and every Jew and all those outside Islam, ‘your children are born into Islam, but you and their mother take them away from Islam with your corrupt rearing.’” (page 119)

Read the full report here http://www.saudiinstitute.org/hate.htm
There is a book that I am reading called "Why do people hate America?" When I finish it I might be able to sum up some of the more popular reasons.


F@H - Is it in you?
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islam in itself is a peaceful religion... more so than christianity and judaism...

it is just corrupted in the interpretation of the koran by imams and other muslims in positions of influence/power...

also how can you judge what the saudis are doing on the basis of this article? the middle east if a complex region and there are MANY issues related to the treatment of countries there during the colonial period and after that has left a bitter aftermath...

we are not in a position to judge or rather should not be...

this thread will cause some controversy.. guess it will have to be monitored but please restrict yourselves to comments based on facts (unadulterated facts) and please refrain from flaming other religions...


for geffy... I hope you enjoy that book... ;)
I am not planning on enjoying the book, I want to see if the authors ideas of why people hate the US works with my reasons of disliking the US.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I know what I like and dislike about the states... I have lived outside of america most of my life...

still... it is interesting to see what views others have...

I don't appreciate the die-hard fanatics who do not want to admit there is ANYTHING wrong with the states... every country has problems... look at england... chronic bad teeth and shower problems... :)

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