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Ethical hosting/building for low budget


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
At the risk of sounding a bore and testing forum guidelines I just want to big it up for NETUXO (yeah, I am there on a placement so I am biased).

Anyway if you want hosting from £60 p.a. and up and design/support (esp. Drupal) at £30 and up then these are your guys.

Only rider to that is you have to be "ethical", they're a co-op and will not deal with anything war/pharms/right wing/banking/etcetcetc - you get the idea. Of course if you are an activist or peace protest organisation on the other hand you may find you have some leverage to negotiate a slightly preferential deal.

IMHO opinion their rates are pretty bargain basement already though!

Anyway - there it is, end of plug

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