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ethernet card


Dabba Dooba
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hey people just want yto know that my computer is really is fixed now since it was the memory that was makin me have all the problems but anyway i am gettin cable internet thrusday and i got a ethernet card and when i put it in my computer keeps restartin when i first turn it on and sometimes is will start up just fine. but today i found out i had the thing already on my motherboard since it was covered up. so is my computer restart cause it already has it on the motherboard and i have the ethernet card i bought in or what


Dabba Dooba
Political User
very pissed

there is no option in my bios to change it and i tried to reinstall xp with the ethernet card in it but since the card is in the computer i can't get it to start can someone help
there's no reason you can't have multiple network cards in one computer... I'm using an onboard to connect to the internet through my cable modem, and a PCI slot to connect to my home network...

The best way to install WinXP is to only have your drives (floppy, cd, dvd, hard disks), a video card, and keyboard and mouse. This way you don't have to wait for xp setup to crash when it finally tries to configure 8 pieces of hardware at the same time. Install each of your new cards (audio, nic, tv tuner, etc...) one by one, this way if any of them are causing problems you can figure out which one it is...

If you really can't disable your onboard network card in the bios, make sure you read the manual and find out which pci slots share resources with other slots, and onboard cards. This may be why you are having problems with a second card, it may be conflicting with another device...

but if you don't need the second card, then forget about all of this...

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