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A Runtime Error has Occured. Do You Wish to Debug?

Line: 50
Error: Object Expected

whats that? it happens everytime i go to webpages....ive tried everything i know to get rid of it but its being a $^!@*(&%@$
The errors are probably all from erroneous javascript or vbscripts running on those pages. Post the url of a page with these errors and I'll go check it out and see.

Are you just now noticing these or did they always appear?
I just went to your site and noticed the error you are speaking of. It is on line 51. Your body tag has a function call: "popupWin()" executed on pageload, but there is no such javascript function on the page. This is what is causing your error.
Just turn off Script debugging in your internet explorer options...only turn it on when you are dealing with problems on your page or if you plan on e-mailing people with problems about thier pages

Saves alot of hassel of clicking no :p

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