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Error Deleting File or Folder


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I get this error when trying to delete certain files off one of my HDs (120GB WD1200BB E-IDE) and I can't access these files either.

Any method of deleting them without formatting the HD?



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Whenever Windows tries anything like that I try to delete it in notepad.

Open notepad, click File>open, Browse to the file you wanted deleted, Change file type to "all files", highlight and delete.

For some reason this works a lot of the time.
Bouncing's method works because notepad is more of a old DOS application than a windows application using the old disk access system.

If it doesn't work the next step is trying in safe mode like NLM said.

If these easier ways don't work you need to boot up into DOS (using a DOS shell from windows won't work), go to the directory the file is in and delete it.

You should be able to hit F8 while booting and get an option to boot into DOS. If not you need to download a DOS boot disk image and make a floppy.


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You may elect to do some repairing on that drive too - looks like you may have parts of the disc sriface getting shakey. When yu can take a time out onm the drive and after a backup (assuming backup can run with no CRC errors) then maybe give spinwrite a whirl?

Bear in mind you may not want to have critical data on this drive going forward IMHO also.

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