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ep's going to kill me

Electronic Punk

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I am actually pretty delighted, HTC prob won't update the TouchHD to 6.5 but as this device has so many similarities alot of its apps are being ported over anyway!

Perris Calderon

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Looks like a nice iPhone nockoff, not really a "rival" IMHO, a bit more polish and perhaps.
I love my carrier and can't switch simply becuase of better hardware but eyphone is clearly a better operating system

this is nice since all I really want is that huge screen but those eyephone apps are excellant
Have to admit though..... at least the HTC more than likely has some possible way to shut it off should the OS crash. Friend of mine has an iPhone, and it crashed to the point where the only way to shut it off and start over again was to let the battery die. holding the home button didn't work, and seeing as that's practically the only BUTTON on the thing.... yea.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Looks like an interesting phone.

I would like to see the one with the physical keyboard :)


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I have gotten way to involved with the htc touch pro for sprint and that is probably why I've been MIA on this board for some time. I'm actually running a pretty stable version of 6.5 on my original touch pro. So EP if you really wanted to test out flashing your touch HD with 6.5 you could. I've been a rom flashing junkie since getting involved. Now I'm torn between windows 6.5 default them TF3D (TF3D2 not stable enough yet) and I"m about a day away from installed spb Mobile Shell on my 6.5 build right now...

EP or anything else running around with HTC devices hit me up with some PMs and I can point you in the right direction for some really awesome stuff being done with these older phones.

Some of you might also already know the places but if not I'll help in anyway I can.


OSNN.net Adventurer
Should be picking one of these up next month :) Can't really justify it as I have a work blackberry but I have been looking to get a new personal phone forever and this ticks all the boxes (was going to get the HD but this is chaper).
Enough of the iphone clone comments please, there were plenty of touch screen phones before it. (Though admittedly the iphone has the best interface I have used (although I have not tried andriod or webOS). The problem with the iphone for me its just too locked down.

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