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enermax or antec?


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i need a little help choosing a new PSU. im between antec or enermax (350w). which one would be better?

thx, Apu
Both are of excellent quality. If I had to pick one, I would go with the Enermax. I would consider no other brand power supply than those previously listed.:)


Holy cow we agree on something! I've got an Enermax, and it's been quieter than my old 230W PS in my old case!


Curse my memory. Why can I remember stupid facts and not things I'm supposed to remember. (School work comes to mind).
Quote: "
Curse my memory. Why can I remember stupid facts and not things I'm supposed to remember"

Because, the fact that the P4 kicks a** is something no man or woman can forget...:D


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i've always been partial to enermax, but antec is fine and i think a little cheaper overall.

don't worry UofEEE... i think our side is bigger. }:>


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Either one is an excellent choice. Take yer pick, you can't go wrong.

But yeah, buy the cheaper one save a couple of bucks and go to Mac Donald's. :D

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