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Hello, I seek the most powerful encryption tool available that works on Windows XP. Can anyone recommend one? At least 384 bit is crucial because I absolutely need to be as secure as possible with these files. I got caught once and if it happens again I'm screwed. I will be encrypting movie files, mostly .AVI files if that helps. I would use this encryption so that the encrypted files could not be identified during transfer over the internet, and only the person who downloads the file could ever be able to determine the file is a even a movie, whether that be via password protection or anything. The files will be transferred through an FTP site. My plan is to compress the original file, let's say a .AVI file, to a password protected zip file, then rename both the file and extension to some random numbers and letters like "a4s5.7k4" then encrypt the file and rename it again to some other random letters and numbers. I am hoping this will prevent the files people download from me from being identified during transfer by a third party. I know, you say "Well how do you know the person downloading from you is legit?" or "How will the person downloading it be able to restore it to the original .AVI file?" I have resolved this issues so they are no longer a problem so all that's left is this encryption scheme. Any recommended progs, advice, tips, any info at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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To be totally save:

First split the avi file (for example with hjsplit), compress those parts seperatly to password protected zip files with random-filenames)

Now make a new password protected zipfile and add all created zip-files (password pref. not the same as used above)

You could transfer this zip-file or you can split this resulting zip file once again and just send the splits in random order

I think you will be save if you use long enough passwords (e.g. 10 or above) and don't use passwords from password lists (so use random sequences of letters/digits/characters)



Thanks for the help people. I now have an encryption method using PGP, HJSplit, WinRAR, and WinACE. And no it's not for kiddie porn. Just regular feature films. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) got my DSL terminated and I am getting cable modem soon so I need to be very careful.


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XP built in encryption?

I was wondering about the encryption option living under:

file properties - advanced attributes...

On my machine it's greyed out [XP home?] WHY?

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