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encrypting outgoing internet connection

Can anyone tell me a way of encrypting my outgoing internet connection either using windows or 3rd party software. As they have throttled my connection.


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What exactly do you want to do, hide your traffic from your ISP?

If that is the case, I wouldn't recommend it. It violates the T.O.S. of most major ISP's and they can shut you off if they even suspect anything fishy. You have to remember that if you do anything illegal, not saying you will, but if you did, they are held accountable. Especially with all the P2P stuff these days, ISP's are generally aggressive in regards to covering their own a$$es
I ahve been downloading tv episodes for the kids of tom and jerry and the like so theres nothing that i am downloading that can't be taped off the tv and they have throttled me to 20kb/s which is frustrating.


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Have you exceeded 600 GB within a month? Encryption won't do anything for you, I would assume you've exceeded your monthly bandwidth allowance.
Nope i am lucky if i have exceeded 15-20Gb in any month with ISP of 3 years, they run different servers for the people i know (i.e. No 1,2,3,4) so why are the other people i know not being throttled. i have emailed them and they say that they are running P2P traffic software. I have switched to Utorrent and that seems to be helping.


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Well if that is the case (P2P Monitoring Software), then that is probably what happened. I'm not sure on the laws, but just because things can be taped or watched on TV doesn't make it purely legal.

If you have to switch "downloading programs" to not be tracked, makes you think if you should really be doing it anyways. Doesn't it?


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Think i know what your on about, i.e pipex having the different realms that they put their users on! Pipex amongs nearly all ISP's in the UK have started throttleing/shaping the bandwidth used on P2P networks.

I see you are using Utorrent and guess that you are using "Protocol Encryption" which does help to an extent on poor speeds, but i would also recomend randomising your port for which you accept incoming connections (this can be found just about the "protocol encryprion" option) i have mine set to change everytime i start utorrent and also randomly change it while downloading as i find it helps maintain a faster speed downloading.

Also guessing that your on 1 or 2meg as 8meg broadband has just been enabled across the country! But i find restricting my upload speed to 21/22kb/s while downloading will allow you to download at full speed.

Hope that helps :D


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Also just a note, you can't physically hide your i.p address when downloading torrents as its that which is used to identify your computer so most 3rd party programs which encrypt your connection will basicly render your downloading torrents useless

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