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Overclocked Like A Mother
Outlook express is getting on my nerves,

I am willing to put 20$ or so on a new client, but I really would like freeware. Any ideas? Something that I could import my windows address book, and might even be configured to answer my hotmail accounts. Something antispam programs would not have trouble with.

Thanks in advance.



Overclocked Like A Mother
Wow it's free too!

Thanks a bunch. I wonder if it can open hotmail. I will fiddle around with it and see, I guess.



I may actually be insane.
Not just free. open source ;)
I've never tried to open hotmail with it before now (had no need) but if it doesn't support it, then there are always apps that convert hotmail (and yahoo! I believe) mail to be compatible with any pop3 mail client


Overclocked Like A Mother
So if I had the brainpower,

I would be able to add a highlight, right-click "Empty this folder into trash" option to any left screen side folder in this program. Hmmmmmm, I wish I knew what to look for to do that in the program folder. I will go see if I can do that.



Thunderbird doesn't support hotmail. Which isn't really surprising if you think about it. After all, Hotmail is a Microsoft service.
Hotmail Popper -
Use that to access your Hotmail account through Thunderbird. :)

I personally use Outlook 2003 since I make extensive use of the calendar feature. It uses Bayesian filtering to sort out spam as well.
But if I just needed a simple mail client, it would be Thunderbird without a doubt.

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