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Electronic CD/DVD Repair Kit


I have it. I swear by that thing. I've repaired some CDs, that no console, or PC system can read. I love that game doctor. Trust me, get it, and you will not regret it mate.


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It scrubs the surface of the CD and then polishes it out to look and function like new. It's great for non-serious scraches (it says that only certain depth scratches can be removed) and other surface imperfections. Works very well. :cool:

There are two (2) versions. Motorized and the old Hand Crank type. Motorized (electric), is of course more expencive>
It really helps. Just yesterday, I wanted to rip an red hot chilli peppers cd to mp3 on my HDD, and well, I got it from a friend who said it wouldn't play

True unenough, EAC couldn't read any of the tracks.

I used the game doctor on it for 10 minutes, only I have the one where you spin manually, the electric one does a better job, and out of the, I think 14 tracks, instead of being able to rip 0, I ripped all, except one track that wouldn't work.

From 0 to 13, I think that's quite good, and the CD had horrid scratches.

A great thing to do if you sell games too, I went to store, said the would give me 14 for the scratched CD, went home, doctored it, and they gave me 22 :)

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