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eBay makes me wonder


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I know some of you sell items and something made me VERY mad yesterday, I am hoping those of you which sell can answer something for me...

I found a listing for a piece of equipment which I need for my home audio visual system...

Anywho... the item was a "Buy it now" it sold...

NOW the seller has relisted the item at a higher price...

I thought that was against eBays rules??

Yes or No, and can someone show me where it says that on ebays user agreements???


Mike A!


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Were you the one that purchased it for the "Buy it Now" price? If so, did he present you with enough time (at most 7 days) to pay for the item?

He wouldn't be able to use the relist function if the item was paid for, so it is likely the deal fell through and he decided to ask for more.


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One of the items I sold on ebay. The guy one the auction, but he didn't pay me, I had to fill out a form with Ebay, it took a couple of weeks, but I was eventually refunded my listing cost, and I could relist the item.

You can also set a reserve price, but that wouldn't be applicable of someone uses But It Now. The item has to be in dispute first.

Also, are you sure the item is a relist? Perhaps he just had 2 of the same item?


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Please clarify Mike.

I'm assuming you bought - did you? If so, best you can do is file a complaint with ebay and paypal to get your money back. Then, leave him a nasty negative FB. If I were you though, wait on the second part until after the 19th - at that point, sellers can't leave negative for buyers :)

As far as shady practices, he can do whatever he wants he just risks pissing you off. I agree with JPRuss though - maybe he had more than one? I have in the past sold something for a buy it now, when it sells, it's only logical to sell another for a higher price since you think you may be able to get it.


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Did you buy it or someone else? All you say is "it sold". If someone else bought it then there's not a lot you can do. If you bought it then he has to honour that agreement and ship it to you.


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I will clarify guys...

I sent the person who purchased the item as a buy it now, and they responded that they had already paid for it... the guy does not have bad feedback but not much feedback at all... and after I question why he relists an item, which he said he only had one of...

He says he had two... and the person who bought it says he is not sending emails to him...

So, it looks as though the guy is shady at BEST... and is trying to rip multiple people off at worst...

I will not be purchasing the item from the lister regardless if he relists the item for the original price...

He has already tried to talk to me about the item outside of normal ebay lanes... which I know is an eBay violation...

Mike A!


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Yeah, never buy outside of ebay channels. If someone tries to do that, report them - that is a blatant violation.

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